Ian Standard Profile.jpg

Ian Howarth

Ian heads up Directly. He's an Australian who started in advertising as a writer, became a direct marketing account handler and planner, and then completed that journey by becoming a banker. He ran the internet banking for businesses at ASB, then managed the business marketing team. Now he's running Directly, and loving it. (And he supports the All Blacks over the Wallabies, so that's OK.)

Kenna Profile.jpg

Kenna Howarth

A marketer with a background in healthcare, telecommunications, agriculture and technology. Kenna gives us marketing depth and strategic planning power. She has a unique style of practical creativity, and often comes up with ideas that are astonishing in their simplicity and effectiveness.

Louise von Benzon.png

Louise von Benzon

Louise is a great writer with a background in design, illustration and animation. Her visual thinking means she thinks big rather than word by word, which is a great asset for the team. 

As well as our permanent team members, we also call on a team of trusted freelance creatives. We can match the right person to your task, and keep overheads low.