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Trying to reach your customers? Try a quiet conversation.

Customers are blasted by promotional messages day and night. How do you reach them?
You could try outspending and out-entertaining your competitors – or you could just talk to your customers. Directly.

(We're just finishing our web site, so it's still a little rickety. Bear with us.)

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We couldn’t be more direct.

Direct marketing is what we do. Whether you call it CRM, relationship marketing, lifecycle management, customer experience or social marketing, it’s all about connecting with your customers. The data you hold on them gives you insights into their current engagement with your brand and your products. We can tailor messages to those insights to build on that engagement. That’s direct marketing – and that's what we do. If you don't already have customer data, we can get you started.


What do we do?

We grow your sales and brand by talking to your customers with relevant, compelling messages. We can help with all aspects of your marketing: the why, who, what and how. Or, as they're more generally known, the strategy, data analysis, planning and creative execution.

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Measuring is managing.

If you can’t measure it, it can’t succeed. And conversely, if it doesn’t make you succeed, don’t bother measuring it. (Yes, we're looking at you, Facebook promotion likes.) We start every brief by asking “What does success look like?” and “How do we measure it?” 


We understand.

We take the time to learn about your business and your products. After all, we can’t sell it if we don’t understand it. After a long time in this industry, we know more than we probably should about finance, software, agriculture, motor vehicles, medicine and more. But as well as understanding your products, we also understand you. Our directors have been senior marketers, so we know the challenges you face and what you really want from your agencies.

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We work well with others.

Your brand agency works to build your brand equity. Our job is to monetise your brand: to turn your equity into dividends, with increased customer engagement, sales and retention. If you don’t have a brand agency, here’s a secret: it’s easier to build a strong brand through strong sales than the other way around.


Our clients.

We work with ASB Bank, Spark, Qrious and Les Mills and others. Some clients prefer a retainer basis, while others engage us for specific projects. Either way, we’re pleased to say that our Net Promoter Score (the people who love our work, less the people who think it's OK or worse – yes, we measure it) is a solid +100. A common theme from their feedback is that we're fast, understand their products and markets, and deliver what they need.

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